Dato' Dr Kamaruzaman Che Hussain is a very well known person in Malaysia's healthcare industry. He is the founder of world best liver tonic, also an inspirational icon for Malaysian entrepreneur.

Since 1997, his formula has changed the live of thousands of people worldwide who are diagnosed with liver problems. His efforts has been recognized by the Malaysia Ministry of Health. Malaysia particularly is known to rank the best in healthcare.  

Made organically from multiple herbs including milk thistle, Liver Tonic has a lot of property that helps restore liver to normal. It also works as anti viral and blood flow agent. The symptoms such as jaundice, edema, fatigue, nausea, loss appetite and swelling normally start to slowly fade away within seven days.     

Dato' Dr Kamaruzaman Che Hussain has made a liver tonic guide which contain tips on how to treat each liver problems. This guide includes testimonials and case study of past users.

Jabbar Hidayah HB Liver Tonic

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