Story of Nor Sidah Abdul Latif

  • I was easily getting tired, drastic loss of weight and loss of appetite. I'm also suffering from diabetes and have been consuming chemical medications for a very long time and diagnosed for fatty¬† liver.
  • Reading : GGT=354 IU/L, AST=93 IU/L and ALT= 78IU/L

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Story of Hashim Hamid

  • Weak body and constantly fatigue.
  • Diagnosed with leptopsirosis.
  • The virus has given me pneumonia, yellowish at my white eyes, body pain, loss of appetite, constant fatigue and unable to perform daily routine properly.

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Story of Nur Irdina Syaridza

Story of Azimer Sarip

I was diagnosed for hepatitis B and my symptoms were easily tired, weak, unable to sleep at night and constantly feverish.

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Story of Ahamad Ulwan Hassan Halmi

Patient was diagnosed with ailments at 9 months old. Among the symptoms were yellowish at the white eyes, loss of appetite and easily fatigue. Patient was a regular at the Selayang Hospital for follow up treatment.

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