World best liver tonic

If you wonder why it is called the world best liver tonic, this three steps healing process article will provide the answers. Scientists all around the world are still searching the formula to solve the root cause of this problems and yet none has succeed except Dato' Dr Kamaruzaman Che Hussain


1st Step

Dormant: Jabbar Hidayah HB Plus will repair and reconstruct damaged liver cells (puffy liver) that have been infected by the virus. At this stage, patient will probably feel minor side effects such as light headed and sleepy.

In our treatment concept, this is known as the dormant stage where it is the initial healing process for hepatitis. Here, the liver tonic induces the viruses located outside or beneath of the liver and inside the liver cells, to shift into the blood stream.


2nd Step 

Natural: In a situation where the virus count is low and the liver is not badly damaged, the liver tonic will eradicate most of the viruses and the liver will be free from virus to begin regenerating. The liver tonic repairs the hepatosit cell alignment and at this stage with puffy livers will return back to normal as their antibody is active to supply the much needed immune system to the body.

Patients will commence to be energetic, healthy and active, and some even felt like they have completely healed. This is the danger as inconsistency in taking the Liver Tonic may result in a longer healing process.


3rd Step

Negative: Most patients are almost free from being a chronic to passive when HBeAg (+) changes to HBeAg (-) with virus load below 10,000 “copies”. The virus count can also decrease drastically to a level of <200 “copies”. For cirrhosis and liver cancer, healing process may take a while longer. Consistency in consuming the Liver Tonic is vital for chronic patients.

There are cases where patients experience virus increment after three months usage of the Liver Tonic. However, this is a normal process which was faced by the rest of the patients too. Example: before consumption of the Liver Tonic – virus count 10,000 “copies” / after consumption of Liver Tonic – virus count 1,000,000 “copies”.


The true fact is that patients do not have to be panic or worried as the Liver Tonic acts as an inducement to the exit of viruses within the liver. This has in a way help the patients to know the exact count of viruses in their liver. Unknown presence of viruses in the liver will in the future, expose the patients to liver cancer.


The patients are recommended to continue consuming the Liver Tonic until the virus count has decreased to < 15 and HBs AG (not detected). This could be achieved through a VIRAL LOAD test at any laboratory or clinics.

HBs Blood test sample for 100 days treatment: 

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Case Study 4

Case Study 5

Case Study 6

Case Study 7

Case Study 8

Case Study 9

Case Study 10

Case Study 11

Case Study 12

Case Study 13



Patients infected with Hepatitis virus will be able to observe physical changes on themselves such as:

  • Jaundice or yellowish eyeball and body receding
  • Less feverish
  • Healed edema
  • More energetic
  • Urine color back to normal
  • More appetite


In normal cases, patients will feel physical difference just slightly after one week of consuming the Liver Tonic.


However, the healing process differs from one individual to the other due to different blood conditions and types, and the severity of infection. Normally, the healing process that uses herbal medicinal properties requires a longer process as it heals the main factor of the symptoms, not the symptoms itself.


From a clinical stand-point, patients are able to test and check the effects of the Liver Tonic through a Hepatitis B Screening test.  This test will bear result whether the patient is a positive or negative virus carrier.


Hepatitis B Screening Test:

HBs Ag            = Detected (positive virus count)

Anti HBS Ag    = Not Detected (patient has not antibody to fight against Hepatitis B  virus)

HBs Ag            = Not Detected (negative virus count)

Anti HBs Ag    = Detected (antibody available to fight against Hepatitis B virus)


This test is highly recommended for patients who are suffering from puffy liver, liver cirrhosis or damaged liver. Emphasis must be given to enzyme reading such as AST, ALT, BILIRUBIN, ALBUMIN, GLOBULIN etc. High enzyme reading denotes that patients are already suffering from damaged liver cells.


Patients are also highly recommended to undergo VIRAL LOAD test to check their virus load count.


Patients are advices to keep a copy of their clinical test record conducted before and after the consumption of the Liver Tonic to differentiate their viral load. To see a maximum effects of the Liver Tonic, Liver Function test are advisable to be conducted at least three months after consumption.


There are cases where patients do not show any physical changes within the initial three months but, after undergoing clinical tests, the enzyme level have shown a substantial decrease in its reading.


To stop consuming the Liver Tonic, patients must at first, ensure that their physical symptoms and liver enzyme reading are at the normal level. Though have healed completely, patients are advised to continue with the Liver Tonic on a supplementary dosage or change to HBs 2 as supplements according to patient’s affordability.


  • Reduce intake of fluids either through drinking or semi-solid foods such as soup or porridge and fruits with lots juice such as watermelon etc.
  • Reduce the intake of salt
  • Shellfish
  • Food with high cholesterol and fatty content
  • Instant food such as canned sardine, canned fruits, instant noodles and fast food such as KFC, McDonalds etc
  • Evaporated milk
  • Caffeine and fizzy drinks


  • Fatigue
  • Sleepy
  • Throwing up
  • Heartburn (symptom of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), and is caused by acid refluxing back into the oesophagus.)


However, the symptoms of side effects are dependent on the condition of each patient.

Jabbar Hidayah HB Plus
World best liver tonic

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